Colorado Hiking


Saint Maarten
Saint Maarten/Saint Martin’s spicy marriage of Caribbean, French and Dutch cultures matches its physical diversity: the island is both urban and untamed, with rain forest-like landscapes, white beaches, and amazing caves and wildlife. The experience of visiting two island colonies in the same 37 square miles was phenomenal.


The skydiving instructor I was tethered to asked if I wanted to do a backflip as our exit from the plane. I said hecks yes…I didn’t come all the way up here for nothin! I was peaceful and happy at a cold 12,000 feet and the views were breathtaking…literally.

Saint Thomas
Though it’s only 32 square miles in size, Saint Thomas is an island in the Caribbean Sea that forms a county and constituent district of the U.S. Virgin Islands; an unincorporated territory of the United States. Kayaking, snorkeling and hiking…yes, please.

West Indies
The West Indies is a region of the Caribbean Basin and North Atlantic Ocean. Europeans began to use the misnomer West Indies to differentiate that region from the Indies (South Asia and Southeast Asia). Jake, the sea lion, also kissed me on my mouth…he had game and breath that I’d never like to experience again.


Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of Oʻahu and known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi.


Red Rock Nevada Hiking

Adventures in Alaska

In Juneau, the humpback whales were bubble net feeding, which can only be seen in southeast Alaska.


Hollywood Hiking
I hiked a total of eight miles as I ventured to climb the mountain that supports the Hollywood sign. Getting up there took an abundance of energy and effort but it was worth seeing the view from the top. I learned when I got behind the letters, not many people make that trek.


Although I love roller coasters, have been skydiving and continue to pursue my pilots license, I’m not fond of heights. While in Nassau, Bahamas with family, I convinced a group of professional trapeze performers to allow me an attempt at flying. I was most nervous at the top of the platform when I had to reach my hands out to grab the bar, so I focused on the stunning view of the ocean and tried not to hold my breath. When the guy caught me I looked up at him and said “so how you doin?” He started laughing and just let me drop into the net.

San Juan


Mt. Rushmore & Yellowstone



Skeet Shooting

My first day skeet shooting I posted 88% target accuracy. I’ve fired rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, tactical guns and an AK-47. Ok, not an AK…but all the others.

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