Celebrity Softball
I chose left field for this celebrity softball charity event and part of a left fielders duty is to back up third base. Former Indianapolis Colts receiver, Pierre Garcon, was at third and proved that baseball is not his forte. This was first evidenced in a pop up that was at least 20 yards closer to Pierre, but he let me sprint from deep left to make the catch. At the end of the night, I had made three plays that prevented potential home runs, so the fans and my teammates surprised me with the MVP title. That was a priceless blessing to hear them chanting MVP! We raised a lot of money for a wonderful cause and our team won!

Designated Photos: Pat Lovell Photography


Celebrity Hoops
This charity basketball game was a blast because my brother joined me and we love competing as a team. It was entertaining to hear the P.A. announcer say “Paetz on the rebound….then Paetz passes to Paetz for two!” I love how sport brings people together for a worthy cause. We raised several thousand dollars for a great family and we won!


Celebrity Cookoff
Children’s Bureau has hosted the annual Celebrity Cookoff at Benihana for over a decade and I’ve had the honor and privilege of being a celebrity chef for eight consecutive years. I’ve cooked with Former Colts Dallas Clark, Tarik Glenn and Pierre Garcon to name a few. The kiddos from Children’s Bureau design our aprons, which each celebrity signs and auctions off at the end of the night. Proceeds benefit the Children’s Bureau of Indianapolis.



Dancing with Indy’s Stars


In my introduction to choreography, I learned a challenging Tango routine in a total of 14 hours. We had a wonderful time raising thousands of dollars to benefit Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent.


Charity Golf at the Brickyard


Former Colts, Gary Brackett, Bill Brooks and Marlin Jackson


Pacers Front Office League
I played a couple times a week with guys from the Pacers front office and earned countless bruises. One particular shiner was the result of an elbow while fighting for a rebound. I remember sitting at our daily game day meeting and Quinn Buckner asked me, “do you have a black eye?” I guess the makeup didn’t cover it very well. The following years it was written in my contract that I could only play contact sports (or skydive or race cars or fly planes or ride motorcycles or any other extreme sport I was going to do) in the off season. In the video above, the tables were turned when I was the one being interviewed, so I had some fun with the reporter.


LA Dodgers

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