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I’ve spent time in all 50 of the United States. It’s time to step up my International game…I’ve only visited 13% of the countries in the world (26). I look forward to experiencing more cultures around the globe, for the rest of my life.



My visit to Israel could be a bucket list of its own. The Dead Sea is famous for hypersaline water, which makes floating easy. It was cold and windy the day I went, but I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity. I was overcome with emotion as I walked the Via Dolorosa…the path Jesus walked carrying His cross. Family was central to this trip and the Hanna’s are a true gift. Read more about my trip Israel here.



Driving an IndyCar

My love of cars and speed drove this list item. I had the privilege to drive three laps at the famed 2.5 mile oval of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Find additional pictures and videos here.




The skydiving instructor I was tethered to asked if I wanted to do a backflip as our exit from the plane. I said hecks yes…I didn’t come all the way up here for nothin! I was peaceful and happy at a cold 12,000 feet and the views were breathtaking…literally.



White House Tour
I had unprecedented access to the White House in 2011. I was escorted through private hallways, and walked through rooms beloved Presidents used to occupy. Visitors are not allowed to enter the Oval Office, but I managed to step one of my size 38 Jimmy Choo pumps inside the door.

Wonders of the World

I’ve visited three of the seven Modern Wonders of the World…Chichen Itza, The Colosseum, and Petra. Find more about my trips here.



Sakura Blossoms of Japan

While covering the FINA World Swimming Championships in Japan, not only did I work with phenomenal athletes; Natalie Coughlin, Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe…I also enjoyed seas of Sakura Blossoms.



Hot Air Balloon
There’s a certain beauty in the stillness of floating 2,500 feet above land in this piece of human-carrying flight technology. A balloon…connected to a wicker basket…piloted with fire.

Mountain Climbing
As an excursion during an Alaskan cruise, I spent the morning climbing and rappelling. The first time I climbed, I wore myself out because I used all upper body strength. Once I figured out that my legs could do the primary work, I scurried up the mountain like a pro!

Honorary Firefighter
Eight years later, I was in Alaska working with the Harlem Globetrotters. I was an honorary firefighter, allowed to spend the day experiencing how our brave men and women prepare. I was honored when the crew presented me with an official Anchorage Fire Department patch.



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