New York City is stocked with options including Broadway shows, Central Park Carriage rides, museums, shopping and fantastic restaurants. Then, there was the 2013 Super Bowl: the NFL’s best offense facing the number one defense. I watched the game from the Seahawks perspective as a guest in the team suite. As you can deduce, that vantage point provided incredible energy! The weather was absolutely perfect. It was 39 degrees and clear when I was on the field during the trophy presentation.


Eli was the first Manning I interviewed. It was during his final season at Ole Miss and I was covering College Football for ESPN. Ironically, I interviewed Peyton at the ESPY’s for the first time the same year. I met with Archie after both sons had won a Super Bowls and MVP Awards. I wanted to see if I could get the stoic father to laugh, so I began the interview with Archie by asking, “so, what’s new with the family?” It was awesome because it did catch him off guard and caused him to laugh. He went on to share the family experiences they’ve shared through the multiple successes of the Manning brothers. I have the photo above signed by each Manning.


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